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I’m Clarissa, your new Fertility Health Coach 

I'm here to change that by educating career oriented women about their cycles and empowering them to optimize their fertility BEFORE getting pregnant.

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1 in 8 couples have
trouble getting pregnant...

Are You Ready to Learn More About Your Fertility?

Let's be honest, as women we really didn't learn much about our bodies in sex-ed. Well, other than how NOT to get pregnant, which doesn't help once you're ready to start having kids. I'm here to teach you what every woman should know about her body and her fertility. 

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For those looking for a personalized approach to improving their unique cycle and fertility, not just another standard protocol. 

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Self study where you can learn at your own pace, with limited support. Perfect for those who are looking for foundational knowledge on fertility and cycle health.

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Listen in for tips to improve your health and fertility, along with heartfelt stories from real women sharing their unique fertility journey.  

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“The fertility journey is about so much more than just getting pregnant. I'll help you create the life you've always wanted, so you can become the mother you're meant to be.” 

Founder of Blossoming Fertility

Enneagram 3, who naturally improved her cycle, and is learning to let go of perfectionism

After years of experiencing my own challenges with fertility, I've learned a lot along the way. I understand firsthand how confusing everything can be with all the conflicting information out there. I'll help you take the guesswork out of improving your cycle and your fertility. 

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My Favorite Fertility Friendly Products

With more than 10,000 chemicals used in cosmetic products, it can be hard to know what brands you can trust. This extensive guide includes my favorite products that are clean, non-toxic, and fertility friendly. 



To teach busy working women about their cycle health and how to optimize fertility before getting


If you know you want kids in the future, there are steps you should take now to ensure that your mind and body are as healthy as they can be for pregnancy, postpartum, and for the health of your future baby. 

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