A Poem For My Daughter

April 23, 2024

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Today is April 23rd, 2024 and exactly two years ago we conceived our daughter on April 23rd, 2022. I’ve been thinking a lot about how our lives have changed for the better over the past two years.

My fertility journey has unfolded into something more beautiful than I could’ve ever imagined. As I was reflecting back to where I was two years ago, I’m so grateful that I intentionally took the time to heal my mind, body, and soul, so that I could become the mother I was meant to be for my little girl.

Being a mom is something I’ve always dreamed of and I feel honored to guide this beautiful little soul through life and am so lucky that she chose me to be her mom.

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As the words of this poem flowed through me, I knew they would not only be a way to commemorate my sacred journey into motherhood, but I felt called to share them with you too.

I hope this provides you with a sense of comfort and serves as a reminder that you and your baby are also meant to be.


Meant to Be

The desire to be your mother 

was stronger than any other 

A longing in my heart 

was just the start

Because you and me were meant to be 

Deep down I always knew 

it would be you

As an egg in my womb, you’ve always been here, 

never far, always near

You’ve been with me all along, 

further proof that we truly belong 

I wanted to meet you right away, 

but you knew there’d be a better day 

You and me were meant to be 

Each month, hoping I’d be late, 

so I’d no longer have to wait

I felt an ache in my heart 

since we were apart

Three long years 

and many tears 

Feeling at the end of my rope, 

desperately holding onto hope 

But you and me were meant to be

In the end, 

I began to mend 

Repairing my heart 

like a work of art 

My doubts and fears turned to dust 

as I leaned in and started to trust 

You and me were meant to be 

Once I became steady 

you were ready 

In my womb you started to grow, 

the source of my outer glow

This deep of a love 

could only be sent from up above 

Because you and me were meant to be 

At 39 weeks you knocked on the door, 

happy inside but ready for more 

You came out slow, 

but this I know 

It was worth all of the past 

to hold you at last

I looked down at you 

and we both knew 

You and me were meant to be  

As a new mother 

I felt my heart flutter 

But as I held your tiny hand in mine, 

I realized we’d be just fine 

As you sleep, I can’t help but stare, 

you will always be in my care 

And as you grow remember this, 

there’s not a moment I want to miss. 

Because you and me, we are meant to be 


If you enjoyed this poem, I created a few printable versions just for you! You can download them here.

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Beyond moving!
    The poem is beautifully written as only your story could be written. My eyes swell with heartfelt pain, pride & joy, for two beautiful souls bound together for ever! I love your beautiful family!
    Love, Mom

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