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August 9, 2023

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Hey there friend! I’m excited to share today’s episode with you as I’m interviewing a special guest, Drea Cloak, who is a Holistic Health Coach from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Through her business, she encourages women to live their best life now, while trying to conceive. Drea and her husband have been on their fertility journey for 5 years, which led her to co-found The Nest, with her business partner Caitlin. 

Their mission is to provide women who are trying to conceive with a safe space to come together for fertility support and mentorship, a one stop shop for vetted trusted resources, and a place to gain incredible knowledge about your body and become a better future mother for your child and family. 

We chatted about so many different things including the highs and lows of her personal fertility journey and the transformations she’s experienced along the way. Here’s a quick recap of our discussion.

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Becoming a Holistic Health Coach

After experiencing weight and body image issues from a young age, she was on a never ending roller coaster of dieting. This also led to several anxiety attacks, sometimes multiple in one day. When she was introduced to the world of holistic health and nutrition, she realized that what she thought was healthy eating was really just a bunch of diet food and plain boring recipes. 

As a former Les Mills instructor who was also teaching six spin classes a week, she discovered that slowing down her exercise routines had a positive impact on her health. Now she enjoys a mix of barre, pilates, walking, weight lifting, and even tennis on occasion. 

All of these changes helped her to develop a really strong and healthy relationship with her body. Now she can say “I love it, I know what it can do for me, and I’m so proud.” 

Drea’s Personal Fertility Journey

She always knew she wanted to be a mom, but for some reason she thought she might have trouble getting pregnant. Drea goes on to share how her personal fertility journey started casually with them trying naturally for years. Her approach has always been to try and heal things naturally first before using medicine as a last resort. 

About halfway in they decided to do IUI, but continued to investigate further when it was unsuccessful. After some testing, a surgery, and trying naturally again, she finally felt ready to do IVF. The journey wasn’t easy though and she goes on to share how emotionally, she felt very angry, despite feeling fine physically. This didn’t feel like her typical self though and she knew something felt off. She relied on her experience with mindset work to really process these feelings and overcome the negative thoughts. 

Spirit Babies & Trusting in the Timing

Drea considers herself to be a spiritual person and believes that your baby chooses when to come. That’s why trusting the timing of this journey, although difficult, is so necessary. She was 33 when they first started trying, and now at 38 years old she is a different person than she was back then. 

By trusting in the timing of this journey and focusing on the foundations of nutrition, mindset, and movement, then you can become the best version of you. Your baby is with you, they are watching you, and they know when they want to come into this earth. They don’t want to see you disempowered. They want to see you standing up for yourself and using your voice. She felt like her baby needed her to stand up, set boundaries, stop people pleasing and have their back.

Conceiving Over 35+

There is still such a stigma when it comes to conceiving over 35 years old. We label women as geriatric pregnancies over 35 and women are told they are too old, or their egg quality is too low because of their age. This just isn’t true and it’s time to change the narrative. 

Drea tells a story of an appointment she was at with her husband and the doctor reads off all the statistics. She doesn’t care about the statistics and let this be a reminder that you are not a statistic either. You don’t have to listen to that and don’t have to take it into account if you don’t want to. You can keep moving forward on your path despite what the doctor says, despite the statistics, because you know you and you know your body.

Living Your Best Life Now

The fertility journey helped to transform Drea into the woman she is today. Even though she may not have a baby yet, she knows with confidence that she is one step closer than she was a month ago. She’s living the life she wants to now by embodying the human being that she wants to be. That includes standing up for herself, using her voice, feeling empowered, and having strong relationships with her husband and friends.

It’s about trusting that you’re going to be a mom and that desire is there for a reason. If you’re feeling scared to sign up for the race, or not sure if you should take the trip because you’re waiting to get pregnant, then you’ve got it all backwards. Take the trip, sign up for the race, remodel your house because we get to make the rules for our life and live the life we want now. 

Learn More About Drea and Her Work

The purpose and mission of The Nest is to help women live their best life while trying to conceive. The membership offers a one stop shop for community, resources, and coaching. They take the thought process out of everything, so that you can go and live your best life.

You can connect with Drea on her instagram.  

I hope this conversation was inspiring and motivated you to start living your best life now.

If you’re looking for additional support on your fertility journey, be sure to download the Fertility Affirmations Meditation I created just for you. It’s completely FREE and will provide you with a sense of comfort all while helping to reignite your belief in your ability to get pregnant naturally. 

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