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August 23, 2023

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Hey Friend! I’m back with a continuation of my personal fertility journey and today I’m excited to share more about our conception story. This podcast episode covers the 4 months prior to us conceiving our baby and the magical moment we found out we were pregnant. I hope you feel inspired and encouraged after listening in.

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Setting the Stage

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to hear more about our fertility journey up until this point. As a quick recap though, I was at the tail end of my 3 year fertility journey and had just taken the previous year “off” to focus on healing. Up until this point I was DOING a lot. 

Part of my healing journey was learning more about my body and beginning to track my cycle through cycle charting. I also did my best to prioritize nourishing foods, take supplements based on my own physiological needs, and meditated daily. 

On top of all that, I started to get clear on what I wanted out of life and set boundaries accordingly. This is when I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled in my career and discovered a passion for helping other women on their fertility journey. Once I started to live my life in alignment with my soul’s purpose and do things that brought me joy, I started to feel a shift in the person I was being along the way in my journey. 

In December of 2021, I began my traditional end of year reflections. I try to always take time to reflect back on the prior year and set some intentions for the year ahead. In looking back through 2021, I was really proud of myself and how far I’d come in terms of my fertility journey. 

I felt more stable both mentally and emotionally. Physically, I was healthier, had more energy, and just felt really empowered about my cycle and understanding how my body actually works. I had so much peace about my fertility and a wholehearted belief that I was on the cusp of getting pregnant. It’s hard to describe, but I just had this clarity and renewed hope. It was beyond just being optimistic. I was truly confident that it was just a matter of time and that my baby would be arriving soon. 

Vision Setting

In anticipation of the upcoming New Year, I bought a new planner and was writing out my goals for 2022. It started with selecting a word of the year, and I chose the word “Healing”. I knew I had already come so far in my personal healing journey, but wanted to continue feeling into what it meant to truly heal my mind, body, and soul and to be more intentional with that. 

One of the personal goals I wrote out was to become a mother and get pregnant in 2022. I outlined why this goal was important to me, when I planned to achieve it, and the aligned actions I planned to take in support of the goal. 

I chose April of 2022 to get pregnant, because I figured that would give me the official 120 day preconception period to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually before getting pregnant. 

The final step I took was to script this out, as if it had already happened. I wrote out a page in my planner as if it was January 2023 and reflected back on 2022 and how my goals became a reality. I got really specific including the month we got pregnant, how I felt when we found out, that we were having a girl and so on. 

Then I went on to write out my remaining goals for the year and didn’t really think much more about this. It’s almost as if I “placed my order” with God and the universe and I trusted that it would be on the way to me soon.

The Preconception Period

From January thru April, I primemestered to the best of my ability. This included nourishing my body with the right foods, hydrating, prioritizing movement, meditating and reducing stress, doing things that brought me joy, and prioritizing rest, self care, and my own pleasure. 

This was when I started working with a fertility coach 1:1 as well and started more accurately tracking my cycle using the fertility awareness method. At this point my progesterone was still low and my luteal phase was never more than 10 days. 

We focused on increasing the amount of protein I was eating and tailored my supplement protocol to what I was needing. Plus increasing my water intake to increase peak cervical mucus. Overall, I was feeling really good all around and started to feel like my true self again.

Details From the Trip We Took

In April, my husband and I scheduled a trip to Waco TX. You see, I’m quite literally obsessed with all things Fixer Upper, Magnolia, and Joanna Gaines. For the past 2 years we had participated in their annual marathon. And by that I mean, we walked/jogged the 5K version of it lol— I’m not a runner. 

We try to go to Waco and visit the Silos at least once a year, because I love it there and it truly is one of my happy places. So we rented an AirBnB and drove down there at the end of April. We were there for a few days and the marathon was on a Saturday so we went up a couple days before. 

Per usual we shopped and hung out at the Silos, ate some cupcakes (the lavender lemon is my favorite), ate at the food trucks there, and just took in the essence and beauty of the Silos. I love the attention to detail in everything they do, and something about the vibe there just makes me feel inspired and at peace. 

The day before the race, we went to pick up our runner’s packet, because we had every intention of participating just like we had the two years prior. In the back of my mind I knew I was approaching ovulation, because I had been tracking my cervical mucus and my basal body temperatures. 

The morning of the race, for some reason we decided to just skip it. Yep! We paid for it and everything, but that day I just felt like sleeping in and having a slow morning instead of getting up to run a race. Instead of pushing through, I trusted my intuition, listened to my body, and just went with the flow. It ended up being so nice soaking up the long morning together and spending time with each other. 

The energy of the entire trip felt that way. No schedules or set times, where we needed to be places. Instead we felt into what we wanted to do in the moment and I tapped into what felt good for my body and my soul, which was relaxation and enjoying ourselves. 

Because I was able to honor my body and soul’s desires, it led me to feeling confident, joyful, and sexy even. It was like this weight had been lifted off of me. For the past few cycles we had been having sex during my fertile window, so from that standpoint this was the same. It’s hard to describe, but this time felt different somehow. I felt unleashed. I felt feminine. I felt free, because I had let go of the expectation to get pregnant. I just trusted that my desire would eventually come to fruition and in the meantime did what felt good in the moment. 

I remember one of the nights when I had a moment alone, as Steve went to another room, and I just felt this joy and excitement wash over me. I looked around at the cute little Airbnb we stayed at, took a deep breath, and felt so grateful for where I was at that moment. Then I cradled my arms in front of my chest and looked down at them, as I pictured my future baby girl in my arms. I told her how much I loved her and how I was ready for her to join us whenever she wanted to come. I told her how excited I was just knowing that she’d be here with us next year on another trip to Waco. Little did I know, that was the day I ended up ovulating in that cycle. 

Finding Out We Were Pregnant

After taking the year to heal and being focused on the preconception period, deep down I felt confident that we were going to get pregnant soon. The difference this time was that I had completely detached from any timelines or expectations from cycle to cycle. I had fully leaned into trust at this point and just kept taking aligned actions towards my desire to become a mom. 

I had been confidently charting my cycle for a few months now, and of course in all my excitement I roped Steve into it too, so he knew where I was in my cycle. In fact, it was laid out on our kitchen table so I’d remember to fill it out everyday and sometimes he would even remind me. 

My luteal phases were usually always 10 days or less, but I was implementing some lifestyle changes to try and lengthen it, knowing how important that progesterone rise is for pregnancy to occur. When I got to the 11th day in my luteal phase I was so happy, because it meant the changes I was implementing were working and my cycle health was improving! Then I hit day 12, day 13, and by day 14, I just knew in my heart that I was pregnant. 

It’s funny because, we were both watching my tracker and seeing the luteal phase length keep extending further and further out. Inside we both knew, but kept thinking we’ll just wait and see what happens and didn’t mention it. Then finally by day 20 I was like ok I still haven’t gotten my period, I think it’s time to take a test to confirm. 

We bought a test and I took it that night. I came out of the bathroom to show Steve, so we could see the results together and for the first time in 3 years, I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. We had felt so much anticipation and excitement up until that point, but this felt so surreal yet so certain at the same time. Of course we got pregnant, but also, oh my gosh I’m pregnant! We both just looked at each other with the biggest smiles and instantly hugged and kissed. That was one of the happiest days of my life. 

It was so cool that before even taking the test, I knew just based off of the signs on my chart. I was so in tune with my body and the natural signs it gave me, that I didn’t need the test to tell me I was pregnant. That was such an empowering feeling. 

The very next day, I had an appointment with my fertility coach Nora. During our meetings, the first thing we would do is review my cycle chart, so she was the first to find out! It was kind of hard to hide it from her, and I’m glad I got to tell her right away and she was so excited for us!

How I Manifested my Pregnancy

So in looking back, I truly manifested my pregnancy to the exact month, which is so wild to think about. It was more subconscious than anything, because I wrote that out in my planner, but quite honestly had forgotten about the date I wrote down. 

I made my desire clear and ultimately surrendered to the outcome, because deep down I knew it was going to happen soon for me. I did my part by taking aligned actions towards ensuring my mind, body, and soul were ready to carry that precious life inside of me. 

The 3-4 months leading up to our conception date were far from perfect. I didn’t have “perfect” cycles. I didn’t eat perfectly, I did feel stressed at times, but I bounced back quicker than before. This time was different, because I leaned into and embraced the magic of my femininity and tapped into my soul’s essence. 

It may sound crazy, but those months just felt different in my soul. This is what it feels like to tap into your innate fertility. That creative energy and life force. Our conception journey was beyond just the physical aspect of an egg and sperm coming together. This was about purpose, alignment, pleasure, and souls uniting in our destiny to now be a family of 3. 

This is the kind of feeling I want every woman who desires to be a mother to feel. This is why I became a Fertility Coach, to help you have your own magical conception story. It’s possible for you and I want to help you get there my friend. 

Learn More About Working Together

My hope in sharing my conception story is to inspire you and show you what’s possible for you on your own fertility journey. We were intentional during the 4 months leading up to conceiving, and this preconception window was us investing in ourselves, our health, and ultimately our future baby. This allowed us to prioritize our own mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, so that we could optimize our fertility, enhance the egg and sperm quality, and ultimately to become the parents we were meant to be for our future baby. 

This holistic mind, body, soul approach is exactly what I teach in my signature course, Fertile Foundation. Inside, I’ll walk you step by step through my Fertility C.H.I. Framework, where you’ll learn how to: 

Conquer your mind and discover inner peace along your journey

Heal your body through empowerment and body literacy

Ignite your soul as you come back home to your authentic self and live your most aligned life.

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Oh and don’t forget to download the Fertility Affirmations Meditation I created just for you. It’s completely FREE and will provide you with a sense of comfort all while helping to reignite the belief in your ability to get pregnant naturally. 

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